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Mon, Wed & Fri 9am-5pm,
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0300 111 9000

Mon, Wed & Fri 9am-5pm, Tues & Thurs 8am-8pm

Assessment Process 

All of our assessments start with a conversation.

If you feel you may have substantial difficulty in;

  • understanding information about decisions
  • remembering information
  • using the information to be involved in the decisions
  • being able to tell people your views wishes and feelings

If you do not have an appropriate person to support and represent your wishes, you may find the support of an advocate beneficial. To find out more click here.

Please talk to us about this when you contact us.

1. The Holistic Assessment

This is an initial assessment either via phone, or face to face, with one of our highly trained, local Team. This assessment will offer any information, advice and guidance you might need, and the team may signpost you to some other organisations which might be able to support you as well as us. The team are on hand to talk about you and your caring role, no question is a silly one. This call can take as little as 10 minutes but is totally based around you and what you wish to share. We record every conversation which you have with us in order for you to not have to explain yourself again if you were to call back to speak to someone else at a later time 

2. Key Worker

Following on from your holistic assessment we may feel that you need further intensive support (or if you specifically request a full Carers assessment). Gloucestershire Carers Hub have the delegated responsibilities to do Care Act assessments on the behalf of Gloucestershire County Council. You will be allocated to a Key Worker who will contact you to arrange to complete the Carers’ Assessment with you. This will be done over the phone, by virtual platform or in person at a time and place that is convenient for you. This assessment is your opportunity to talk freely and openly about you, how your caring role affects you and any hopes/ aspirations you may have for the future. From this we will create a plan of actions, on how we will support and empower you to move forward. 

3. Creating a Plan

After your assessment is completed, your Key Worker will create a plan that summarises all of the mutually agreed actions from the assessment. This will be known as your Support Plan. A follow up review will be offered after 6 and 12 weeks to review progress against actions identified. During this time your Key Worker will be available, should you need them. 

4. Ongoing Support

After your support plan tasks are completed and we hope you are starting to feel more supported, we will keep your details on file if you wish to access further support in the future. However, we will not cold call you or share your details with any third parties. You can still access any of our other free services such as training, support groups, buddy up and activities. If anything changes within your caring role and you feel like you need more support, please get in touch with us for another assessment.

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