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What is Carer Aware?

What is Carer Aware?

Carer Aware was developed following an idea from an unpaid Carer within Gloucestershire. The Carer suggested that a discreet way of identifying that someone who is an unpaid Carer would support them within their community and with professionals.

Gloucestershire County Council designed the Carer Aware logo and there are now various ways which you can show that you are an unpaid Carer in a discreet manner. This allows individuals within the community to recognise that you are supporting someone, and they can make adjustments if required accordingly.

There are various items which are available to unpaid Carers within Gloucestershire, and these include:

  • Carer Aware Badge
  • Carer Aware Lanyard
  • Carer Aware Discount Card

These items are available from us for registered Carers at the Gloucestershire Carers Hub, if you would like any or all of the above, please email careraware@peopleplus.co.uk

Being Carer Aware

By using the Carer Aware branding, the aim is to make more individuals within the community aware of unpaid Carers and the things which they do to support other people. 

Being Carer Aware means can be achieved in a number of ways;

  • If you are an unpaid Carer wearing the branded materials will allow individuals within the community to identify that you as such
  • If you are a business taking part in our Carer Aware training will allow you to identify and support individuals who are unpaid Carers when they are using your business
  • If you are an employer, you can use our employer’s toolkit to support you when supporting employees who are also unpaid Carers and gain an understanding of the conflicting pressures which they may face
  • If you own a business owner, you could also sign up for the Carer Aware Discount scheme and support unpaid Carers to have a discount when using your business

Whatever way you can help in building being Carer Aware in the community will support the Carers within Gloucestershire to be supported and appreciated.

Carer Aware Partners

Carer Aware is promoted by:

Gloucestershire Carers Hub – Offering support to Carers who are aged 18+ within Gloucestershire

Visit  https://gloucestershirecarershub.co.uk/

Telephone 0300 111 9000

Email: carers@peopleplus.co.uk

Gloucestershire Young Carers – Offering support to Carers who are 8 to 24 years of age with caring responsibilities within their families

Visit  http://www.glosyoungcarers.org.uk/

Telephone 01452 733060

Email: mail@glosyoungcarers.org.uk

Gloucestershire Parent Carer Forum – A voice for those with lived experience of being a Parent Carer (This means parents and/or Carers of children with any disability, SEN, condition, impairment or additional need).

Visit  https://glosparentcarerforum.org.uk/

Telephone 07494 704564

Email: info@glosparentcarerforum.org.uk

Gloucestershire Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

Visit Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust – With you, for you (ghc.nhs.uk)

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Visit Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (gloshospitals.nhs.uk)

Gloucestershire County Council

Visit Carers – help around the county – Gloucestershire County Council

NHS Gloucestershire Integrated Care Board

Visit NHS Gloucestershire ICB (nhsglos.nhs.uk)

Gloucestershire Carer Partnership Board

Visit Carers Partnership Board – Gloucestershire County Council



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