Gloucestershire Carers’ Hub; Provision of Carers’ Breaks

Gloucestershire Carers’ Hub are currently seeking partners that are able to offer carer’s breaks across the county.

PeoplePlus have been delivering The Gloucestershire Carers’ Hub to provide support to adult carers across Gloucestershire since 1st April 2019 and are currently seeking partners that are able to offer carers’ breaks across the county.

The opportunity for a break from caring provides a lifeline for many carers. Families and friends are often in a position to help, where this is not possible, a carer’s break can be offered as a preventative, short-term measure helping to prevent, reduce and delay the need for more specialist or ongoing social care and support.

Carers’ breaks may take a number of forms depending on the needs of the individual carer and cared for. This could include:

  • Out and about services
  • Attendance at clubs and day centres
  • 1-2-1 care services at home

To find out more please complete our expression of interest form.