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0300 111 9000

Mon, Wed & Fri 9am-5pm, Tues & Thurs 8am-8pm

Be Empowered 

Be Empowered is a series of awareness and information sessions to provide you, as a Carer the necessary skills and understanding to recognise your own strengths and abilities.  

The sessions will help you prepare for conversations, know where to ask for help and provide you will some of the tools to keep you well and supported in your caring role. 

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Stroud Five Valleys Medical Practice

You can come along to each session or drop into the events as and when you feel you need this support.

Developing Healthy Boundaries and Building Resilience

We explore different techniques to help you cope under difficult situations. The session shares ideas of how to build your own ability to cope and manage under the pressure. The session looks at ways to improve the clarity of roles establishing and maintaining health boundaries to give everyone a sense of safety and control.

Looking after yourself as a Carer, including in a crisis

The session explores how you can look after yourself in your caring role, focusing on Carer wellbeing and practical ways to achieve this. We explore how to look after yourself in a period of stress or crisis, and help you develop a plan as to what you should consider to help you cope in these situations.

Dealing with Carer Guilt & Compassion Fatigue & Feeling of Loss

The session looks at how compassion fatigue develops and what it looks like as a Carer that you may not be aware of. We explore how you can feel loss and grief for the changes felt due to your caring role. The session will help you develop skills to manage those feelings and ways to reduce the risk of fatigue.

Communication with professionals, building confidence & knowing your rights.

This Session looks at types of communication that you can use and how to successfully put it into practice. We explore your boundaries when talking to professionals and how to overcome them, including hints and tips to communicate confidently with services. The session covers some of your Rights as a Carer and how this can help develop positive relationships with professionals.

Contingency Planning
Explore what to put in place to help reduce panic and ensure the right information is shared at the right time. Learn what information and support is available to help reassure you in a time of crisis.

Planning hospital care and discharge including technology & services to support at home.

Looks at planning hospital and healthcare to promote you, as a Carer being involved as either a patient or a visitor to the person you support. Provides guidance as to who may be involved in discharge and what you could consider as options to discuss with
the hospital team caring for you or the person you care for. We look at what equipment and technology may be able to support you or the person you care for at home.

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