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Mon, Wed & Fri 9am-5pm, Tues & Thurs 8am-8pm

How do I refer?

Referrals can be made to us in a variety of ways.

Through our website https://gloucestershirecarershub.co.uk/refer-a-carer/

SystmOne – you can refer directly Located on the Communications & Letters template – In the O-P section >Other > Adult carers. (form partially self populates) 

EMIS the referral form can be found under EMIS sites Resource Publisher and non-RP in Community Referrals and Other Referrals. 

GCareG-Care – Referral Forms – Gloucestershire Carers Hub (Adults) (glos.nhs.uk) 

When you make a referral it is a secure way to send all details across about the Carer, this will ensure that the Triage team have all the information they need to register them and add them to the waiting list for a call.  

We would advise to add as much information as possible about the Carer, their role and why you are referring, this helps us to register them, and also gives the team an idea of what support the Carer may need before the call.  

You will get an automatic email return to advise that the referral has been received.  

The Triage Team will attempt to contact the Carer twice on two separate days, and leave messages or an email when they can, to encourage the Carer to return the call, if they cannot contact them.  

After the second failed attempt, then we will send the Carer an email or a letter, with contact details and an information leaflet to encourage them to get in touch. The referrer will receive an email to let them know this.  

If the Carer can be contacted, then the Triage Advisor will hold a holistic conversation with the Carer talking about them and their caring role, and the impact it has on their life.  

They will encourage the Carer to talk about their strengths, to identify what would support them, what support networks are in place for them and contingency plans if something happened to them.  

This conversation may be enough for the Carer to access support that they need, this may be emotional support from the advisor, giving them knowledge about courses that are on offer, or to offer advice and guidance on anything which is important to them.  

Through discussions about a Carers’ contingency planning, they are given the opportunity to talk through the options for the Carers Emergency Scheme and given support to identify which level is most suitable or appropriate for their needs. 

If a Carer requests, or through the triage conversation it is identified that a more formal Care Act compliant Carers Assessment should be done, then the Carer is referred to the Key Worker team to complete this 

If you have any queries regarding the completion of this form, please call our Triage Team on 0300 111 9000. 


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